pinspiration: sewing machine pin cushion.

i have a few sewing projects on my mind, but have yet to find a pin cushion. i realize that something like a pin cushion is really a practical thing, but i have been holding out for a pin cushion that i really like.

i am clumsy & drop boxes of pins all the time resulting in pins all over the floor & occasionally in stepping on pins – ouch! after this happened to me for the millionth time this afternoon, i knew that i had to do something about my pin cushion situation.

photo 6

{story of my life.}

enter pinterest & the genius ideas that i pinned months ago…

Sewing Machine Pin Cushion 6

{see original pinterest link: sewing machine pin cushion}


  • scrap fabric
  • ribbon
  • hand needle
  • thread
  • sewing machine {you could do this by hand, but it would be ironic to make this by hand for a sewing machine}
  • scissors

i already had fabric scraps & ribbon, so it was just a matter of sewing a few simple seams. my pin cushion is a bit squarer due to the shape of my machine’s arm & the ribbon length is only one time around the arm for each side.

photo 5photo 4

i will still be on the quest to find the perfect pin cushion, but for now, this one will do!

do you have a habit of dropping pins all over? do you use a pin cushion?


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