pinspiration: faux calligraphy.

it really isn’t a secret that i love pinterest. the problem is that i pin & pin & pin but that’s it. i attempted to change the pinning into doing at the end of last year with my a pinterest christmas series of diy projects. it was so fun to actually do something with all of those pins! so, i decided that even if it isn’t a regular occurrence, i should really do more of the diy projects that i pin on my boards aptly titled: my ever-growing to do list. so here it goes with my first pinspiration project!


{faux calligraphy (i prefer faux to fake).}

see original tutorial here: how to create fake calligraphy.

i used my very favorite fine sharpie pen and my moleskine journal (that holds my to-do lists, doodles & notes). the tutorial is really straight-forward & the trick is really to remember how to write in cursive. i wrote my  letters in pencil first & then traced over the letter with the pen before i added the thick marks on the downward strokes.

practice makes perfect, but here is a sample of my first attempts.


{lower case letters}


{upper case letters}

photo 2

faux calligraphy definitely isn’t as elegant as real calligraphy but it is still fun. i have a few projects up my sleeve that i am hoping to use this form of lettering, so i better get practicing!

{sidenote: this pinspiration project (which i hope to be the first of many) is pretty much exactly what sherry is doing over at young house love with the pinterest challenge. i may add my pinspiration projects to the challenge at some point, but it seems like a little too much for me; over three hundred projects pinned – eeps!}

what do you think of faux calligraphy? are you just a pinner or are you a do-er too?


6 thoughts on “pinspiration: faux calligraphy.

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