eloise {first day of kindergarten}

{letterboard: Letterfolk (Poet) // backpack: State (Kane) // tee: Gap Kids // leggings: Gap Kids // shoes: Cat & Jack // bow: DIY // flag: printable via June & January}

Eloise headed off to her first day of Kindergarten this morning and she was SO excited, she could hardly stand it. I was still finishing getting ready when Aaron woke her up and they headed upstairs to start breakfast. By the time I got up there, Eloise was already dressed with her lunchbox and backpack packed!

We convinced her to let us do a family drop-off for the first morning, but she was determined to ride the bus and kept asking all morning long! She is riding the bus home this afternoon and I am hoping her love for the school bus continues (once she’s actually ridden it)!

We were at school a few minutes before the first bell and got to see some friends of Eloise’s that aren’t in the same classroom but are also starting Kindergarten. It’s great for her to at least have some friendly faces. Once we got her settled into the classroom, she started working on her name tag at her desk which she drew pink hearts all over. It was really nice for her to have something to do while we were saying good-bye and the rest of her classmates were settling in. She was a little reluctant to say good-bye, but she was so brave. I was definitely not, but held back tears until after we had left her classroom (I really didn’t want her to get upset by seeing me cry).

I know she’s going to have the BEST time in school and can’t wait to hear all about her school day!

And here’s Eloise’s first day of Pre-K last year.

Happy First Day of Kindergarten Eloise!


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