my weekend in pictures.


{We headed to the dentist Friday morning and both of the girls loved brushing the monster’s teeth. And great check-ups for both girls!}


{After we came home, Eloise played dentist with her bear. The hygienist was super sweet and gave Eloise a mask and a pair of gloves.}


{We headed over to a birthday party on Friday afternoon and Amanda got some amazing photos of Daphne, including this one. Those eyes, Daphne girl! Also, babies in tank tops.}


{We celebrated with some popsicles after dinner. And someone didn’t care that she wasn’t a big kid and just wanted a taste!}


{She was in love from the first bite and would have eaten that entire thing if we let her!}


{And she was super sad when I told her she couldn’t have my ENTIRE popsicle! Oh Daphne girl!}


{Saturday morning swim lesson. She looks stoic in this picture but loves the pool. We have one more lesson before taking a hiatus from activities for the summer.}


{Refinishing this table was at the top of my to-do list this weekend and it’s so close to being done!}


{Daphne sitting right up at the table like such a big kid.}



{Family dinner with the Sadliers is our one of our favorite nights of the month! Scrabble and Molly Moon’s rounded out a great Saturday evening.}


{This morning Eloise and I headed out to a friend’s birthday party at Seattle Gymnastics Academy. She was SO excited and loved the tumble track (which is like a super long trampoline) but not so much the foam pit.}


{We got home, had lunch, and Eloise watched a show while Aaron took a nap! The kids kept him busy this weekend.}

We had a few social things planned this weekend, including TWO dinners with the Sadliers! I don’t know how we got so lucky. I was able to make some serious progress on refinishing our side table (I did the coffee table last summer) and hope to have it done by tomorrow. Yes!

The drizzly grey and rain welcomed in July (typical) though it looks like the weather will be warming up just in time for the 4th! We are gearing up for a fun week with a festive BBQ and a road trip!

How was your weekend?



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