our trip to boise + my weekend in pictures

we headed to boise on the 5th of july to spend a week with my parents but I didn’t get a chance to share pictures, so here they are along with our weekend pics! {there aren’t a lot since i was really trying to disconnect but i got a few to share.}


{picnicking for lunch in pendleton, OR on the way to boise!}


{Daphne didn’t take her usual afternoon nap during the drive (which was unusual) but fell asleep 5 minutes before we pulled into my parents’ driveway… of course!}


{we got to see Uncle Jason and Aunt Kelly for dinner and got to help celebrate Kelly’s birthday!}


{over the weekend, I headed up to the mountains for a mini girls weekend away. idaho is so beautiful you guys, not just potato fields!}


{it was a mini girls trip, as i mentioned, with just three of us (though some of the other ladies joined us for breakfast the day before) but it was still SO good to get some girl time in without wrangling all of the children.}


{Eloise LOVED the pool and I swear she was happy about it!}


{and I did venture into the pool later in the week but mostly opted for staying in the shade.}


{we hit up one of the local splash pads and Daphne likes the little fountains.}


{and Eloise had a good time too!}


{Grammie and Eloise played store one day and it was the CUTEST thing ever. at first it was a “traditional” store where Eloise went into the store to go shopping, but then it turned into “Amazon Fresh” and Eloise ordered her groceries to be picked up!}


{the girls and I headed out with my parents to the Birds of Prey Center one morning and Daphne insisted on wearing her sunglasses. gah, so cute!}


{and a sisterly love moment while out shopping and lunching with Grammie.}


{picnicking in yakima, WA en route to seattle.}


{and Eloise has been super into making forts since we have been home. and hanging out in her underpants since it is SO hot!}

{Daphne’s post-nap dance.}


{testing out the new s’mores maker on the grill. I recommend not adding the chocolate since it got way too melty!}


{we headed over to Seattle Center this morning to meet the Garner-Ballards who are in town! Daphne’s face is cracking me up; she is shoving a Larabar in her mouth!}


{and a post-dinner stroll around the neighborhood to finish off the weekend.}

We had SO much fun in Boise with my family even though the thermometer hit triple digits which no one really appreciated.

And this weekend we had fun with Aaron before he headed out on a boys’ camping trip this morning with his brother and two nephews who just flew out for a visit. So, I am heading into the week solo and praying I can hold down the fort on my own (but just until Tuesday)!

How was your weekend?


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