my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne has recently decided she loves wearing hats. She found the winter hat basket and will bring one over, give it to you to put on, walk around in it, and take it off. Rinse & repeat. It’s so cute!}


{We made it to swim lessons on Saturday morning!}

{Kick kick kick!}


{Driving across Lake Washington on the 520 bridge Saturday afternoon and I will never tire of this view.}


{After a super fun family dinner with the Sadliers, it was bedtime for the kids. Eventually. It was hard to wake her up to head home last night. So sweet.}


{And this is Daphne’s new trick. And it’s terrifying. She can climb up really well – and insists on being up on the stool – but isn’t stable enough to be safe on the top of the stool, so that’s fun.}


{The weather was pretty sunny this afternoon so we had an impromptu picnic lunch at Greenlake! Daphne couldn’t wait the entire ride down there so she started noshing early, hence the bib.}


{The rhodie in our backyard is finally blooming! We never know what color it’s going to be, but this year it is bright pink.}


{I forgot to book my Pure Barre class for this afternoon – whoops – so we decided to grocery shop as a family, rather than our usual Amazon grocery pick-up. It wasn’t quite as crazy as I thought it would be but it made me thankful I don’t grocery shop on Sundays every week.}


{And since the weather was still nice and sunny after dinner, we took a family walk around the block. Daphne insisted on being held for three-quarters of the walk, and 3 minutes after this photo was taken she kissed the concrete. Poor kiddo. It was the worst.}


{Finally, if you are at all interested (no pressure) I donated a custom flag design from The Petite Flag Shop to the Grupe Family Insta Auction. This family recently had a house fire and lost nearly everything, so a bunch of small businesses offered to donate goods from their shops to help raise funds. It’s mamas helping mamas in the best possible way.}

We had a doozy of a week so I was anxious for this weekend to re-group and get a fresh start. But we did get to catch up with lots of friends, including two different family dinners and a last-minute play date! And the sun finally came out and it was glorious.

How was your weekend?


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