my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne can climb up the stairs at the U Village playground completely on her own now. She really wants to walk up and hold the rail like a big kid, but quickly remembers that her legs aren’t long enough for that. She needs help sitting down at the top of the slide, but has a good time going down. And it helps that we were at U Village no less than four times this week, so she got a lot of practice!}


{GRAMMIE! And Eloise insists most days on matching Daphne. It’s the sweetest.}


{Getting some painting in before breakfast.}


{Daphne had really good time with us at Nordstrom. #startemyoung}


{And when it feels like summer, we do afternoon snacks on the back deck.}


{And, of course, more painting.}


{We lunched at Elemental on Friday after Eloise’s swim lesson. I love that they give the kids pizza dough to play with while you wait. Plus, the sides on the kid’s menu are grapes and steamed broccoli!}


{We hit the town for DATE NIGHT on Friday. Starting down at Greenlake for burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory followed by ice cream cones at Molly Moon’s (the obsession is real, plus the black sesame flavor is now gone for the season) and then to U Village to browse around at the Amazon bookstore. Thanks for a fun night!}


{Eloise always asks Grammie to curl her hair.}


{This is what happens when you don’t have a garage for all of the strollers…}


{Eloise was so excited to give Aaron his graduation gift and show him the envelope that she decorated!}


{The Graduate! And you can’t really tell, but he is wearing a tie that Eloise made him at school (she painted it) and she was beyond excited that he wore it for his big day. Such a good Papa.}


{At the commencement ceremony.}


{Aaron, of course, wanted to have a sushi dinner post-graduation, so we headed to our favorite little spot down the street. And Daphne tried to eat with chopsticks. She was a little frustrated that the food wouldn’t stick, but she’ll get there!}


{Helping Grammie with her suitcase this morning.}


{And it’s Super Eloise!}

{Grammie brought this new toy and Daphne is pretty excited about it! I love her little head tilting from side to side. Also, our old floors are definitely not level, so those balls roll all over!}

We had such a FUN weekend with Grammie in town! The weather during the week was phenomenal and made me SO excited for summer!

ALSO if you didn’t see on my Instagram or Facebook, Aaron graduated this weekend! I have a separate (sappy) post coming up on that later this week.

How was your weekend?


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