my weekend in pictures.


{As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, we headed to the Museum of Flight on Friday with the girls. It was SO fun! We are definitely headed back soon and will probably get a family membership. It was that good, guys.}


{And Eloise kept asking if all of these statues were real people! She was really in awe of this astronaut. Maybe she’ll be an astronaut?!}


{Aaron took Eloise to ballet on Saturday morning since the studio isn’t super Daphne-friendly. So when she got home, I asked her what she did. And then she posed.}


{I really wanted to join in on the Women’s March this weekend, but got cold feet and chickened out. And I was lamenting about it all Saturday long. But THANK YOU to those of you who did march! In the current state of things, it is easy to stay silent and just go with the flow of things, even though it is really messed up, but we need everyone to speak up and shout out about what is going on! Thanks for being brave!}


{We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and Eloise convinced Aaron and Dave to play a game of Chutes and Ladders before bedtime. And she won!}


{Daphne did NOT want to take a nap by herself this morning and the only way she would sleep is if I held her. So I did. It was really uncharacteristic of her (she NEVER does this!) but I figured she is almost 1 and I probably won’t get that many more chances to hold her while she naps, so I just went with it and enjoyed the quietness of that sweet sleeping baby.}


{And the girls were playing together this afternoon which was the most adorable thing. I think they were playing store because Eloise was handing things to Daphne thru the windows and doors and then charging her for them!}


{Sunday night is Instant Pot night at the Lower house. If you have any good recipes, send them my way!}


{Semi-obsessed with this LOVE sweatshirt I picked up from Hanna Andersson (and also sweatshirts generally). I originally wanted to get one for me and both girls, but that ended up being sort of expensive… so I just got one for Mama! For reference I picked up the girls sweatshirt since I didn’t like the woman’s one as much.}

This was our final weekend of Aaron’s paternity leave, so it felt a little weird to me. Like this entire week is going to be really different as we find our new normal again. But I am going to survive, right?

How was your weekend?


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