my weekend in pictures.


{We headed downtown to Nordstrom Flagship to see Santa on Friday morning, but had to sign-up for the waiting list just 10 minutes after opening… so we headed to Pacific Place (mall) to get our wiggles out and stay warm!}


{We were waiting for Santa during Daphne’s nap and, of course, she fell asleep in my arms and as soon as I laid her down in her car seat, she woke up! But Eloise was so sweet to her.}


{SANTA! We go with the same friends every year together which is super special. I shared some pictures I got of the girls on my Instagram and Facebook, but will be sure to share the official picture once we get it!}


{Oh these girls!}


{Eloise had her first (real) ballet class on Saturday morning! We had taken a dance class before, but it was a Mama and Me type of class. I did have to participate a lot more than I thought though since Eloise was in stage 5 cling mode for most of the class… but look how adorable this little ballerina is!}


{And stamps after class. The best part, of course!}


{We walked down to Greenlake on Saturday evening to see the Pathway of Lights at the lake and have dinner with friends! It was pretty chilly, so we all bundled up.}


{We were able to get down early to Greenlake and catch the hot air balloons. So fun! And then after dinner we walked part of the lake in search of Christmas music (which we didn’t find) but the entire pathway around the lake was illuminated with candles and it was so pretty!}


{And then we came back to the house, put the girls to bed, and played some Fibbage.}


{This morning after breakfast we headed out to the “tree farm” in our neighborhood to find our Christmas tree! And Daphne was feeling very festive in her Santa hat (thanks Aunt Kelly!) and her green jacket.}


{On the hunt. And Eloise has decided that she really loves my Kate Spade winter hat… so good thing I have another winter hat. #expensivetaste #getsitfromhermama}


{All smiles this morning!}


{A Christmas tree on the top of the car is a Christmas MUST!}


{And decorating the tree with a three-year-old. I managed to convince her to move a few of them around…}


{We headed to Optimism Brewing Co in Capitol Hill for a benefit fundraiser concert and dinner. Daphne loved crawling up and down the tables.}


{I was going to take a selfie with the girls, but Aaron insisted on taking one instead. And this is the best we got… my girls and their Santa hats. I am OBSESSED!}


{Caspar Babypants in concert. He makes kids’ music (mostly) tolerable since that is what we listen to most of the time these days (that or Raffi). Eloise and I saw him last year and he was equally entertaining. And he managed to get all of the kids to lie down! Eloise had such a fun time at the show (there are videos of her dancing over on my Instagram Stories)!}

We had a really fun and festive weekend! It’s definitely feeling a lot more like Christmas around here and I finally feel like I am catching up (last week I felt SO behind on everything). We are gearing up for Eloise’s last week of school before winter break and Aaron’s first week of (the second half of) his paternity leave!

How was your weekend?


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