daphne {week 41}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // top: Target (old) // jeans: Gymboree (old) // slippers: Hanna Andersson}

{week 41} This week marked the worst of this cold Daphne has had recently. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and one or two short episodes of a low fever. Definitely not horrible, but it is awful to see a baby sick and not feeling well. But, the best thing about Daph not feeling herself was all of the cuddles! Mostly these days she is so busy and on-the-move that cuddles don’t get to happen, unless it is in the middle of the night for a wake-up, so Aaron and I both cherished those cuddles from Daphne this weekend.

I think we are mostly on the back-end of this cold (although we are all sort of stuffy still) and I am so thankful. Obviously because of her age, we couldn’t give her anything (like medicine) but we did run a humidifier in her room overnight and put Honest Breathe rub on the bottoms of her feet and on her chest before she went to sleep. Surprisingly she slept pretty well at night, despite her not feeling well, and we would hear her coughing some times, but then she would go right back to sleep!

This week we also met Santa, which I mentioned in the weekend post, and Daphne did pretty well. We were waiting (forever!) in line during her usual morning nap, so I expected she might be fussy, but mostly she only wanted to snooze if I was holding her. And once we got to Santa, I thought for sure she would lose it because she was sleepy and stranger danger, but she did well. No smile, but no tears either! Again, I will share the official Santa pictures when I get them.

Daphne is really wanting to clap (and loves it when you clap) and she hits her chest instead. She also hits my chest when I hold her and it is so endearing! I think the chest hitting is either her way of clapping or waving, two things we are working on.

This weekend also introduced the Christmas tree to the living room which I was a little anxious about. Daphne is in the phase where everything (literally everything) goes into her mouth and often she leads with her tongue… But, she actually ignored the tree for the first few days, and then just last night approached it. She went for the lights, which wasn’t a huge surprise, and wanted to pull on them. Eloise and I made sure to hang only soft and stuffed animal-like ornaments on the bottom of the tree where Daphne can reach. I am still slightly worried about her trying to eat the pine needles (since we have a real tree) but so far “no thank you Daphne” has worked pretty well!

Biting during nursing has still been an issue, especially during the last two feedings (in the late afternoon and evening) which has not been fun. I am not quite ready to wean her yet, but may be forced to, at least down to just two or three feedings! I am going to attempt to get thru the next two weeks and the re-evaluate. We aren’t ready to introduce cow’s milk yet, so any weaned feeding would have to be replaced with either pumped milk or formula in a bottle; not the end of the world, but definitely some logistics involved, especially if I decide to pump during those two nursing sessions instead.

And here is Eloise’s 41 week update.

Happy 41 weeks Daphne!


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