my weekend in pictures.


{Love having a playground at U Village to help get our wiggles out between running errands. Eloise loves these butterflies!}


{The first time that Daphne has been on the shelf under our side table. Eloise spent so much time under there as a baby, but never tried to sit up like Daphne!}


{Sisters, guys. This is the outtake from Daphne’s nine month post on Friday!}


{I pretty frantically decorated for Christmas (minus the tree) at the end of this week but am loving the edition of this Merry Christmas card from the Shop. It is so cute framed! Cards are $5 and ship for free. Plus, there is still time to order before Christmas!}


{Hot chocolate bar set-up for our Jingle & Mingle Party we hosted on Saturday morning. This is one of the only pictures I got. Fail. But, it was fun and that’s what counts, right?}


{Such cute cups from Target. The Dollar Spot guys!}


{We got our Spirit Post package this weekend which is an alternative to Elf on the Shelf and focuses on acts of kindness. Eloise is obsessed already and got a letter from Santa this morning, courtesy of our owl, Macondrome (named by Eloise).}


{After hosting a party at the house in the morning, we were a little stir-crazy by dinnertime, so we headed out to a new Thai restaurant down the street. It was SO delicious! And Daphne was the best little dinner date.}


{We headed to a friend’s birthday party this morning and got to see the Sadliers again (third time this weekend)!}


{Daphne and Aaron hanging out in the smaller kids’ area while the other party kids were running around the big play space.}


{Meal planning for the week and ordering groceries online for pick-up tomorrow morning! The only way we make it thru the week.}


{I finally made it to my Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class and was so glad I did. It was a killer workout – already sore! – and I got to see this little cutie before class. (This is Ophelia who is the owner’s 3 month old daughter.)}

We had a fun and festive weekend and it is really starting to feel like the Christmas season! We had lots of social events booked for the weekend (family dinner, hot chocolate party, birthday party) and it was great to catch up and see so many friends. While I am not thrilled about being back in the rainy season (I know, I live in Seattle and should be used to it by now!) but I am excited that it is Christmas. My favorite time of year. And it will be especially magical with the girls.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Love the sisters picture! Amber posts a lot of Alli and Kennedy and they truely are best friends and love each other. I hope Eloise and Daphne always have that closeness . Love the hot chocolate bar and your decor. And the pictures of Daphne oh my heart! She is so sweet!

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