daphne {week 40}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // top: Gerber // bib: DIY from Rifle Paper Co. fabric // jeans: babyGap (old) // rattle: Amazon (similar)}

{week 40} This week the biggest thing has been biting. Specifically during nursing sessions. Super not fun. I have noticed it more during the last two feedings of the day (so after her afternoon nap and before dinner time) and these tend to be much shorter feedings. Generally it is a small-ish bite and I can see her mouth doing it so I can try to stop (or usually I yell!) before it happens, but she also bites down and then pulls her head back which is horribly and horrifically painful! Maybe it will lead to early weaning… but her pediatrician recommends that we start breastfeeding after mealtimes at this point, so maybe that will help to. I didn’t have this problem at all with Eloise, so I am in super new territory here. Any advice?

Since I didn’t have Daphne’s 9 month stats for her monthly update, I thought I would share them since we just were at the ped’s office for her check-up.

  • weight: 19 pounds, 13 ounces (50 to 75%)
  • length: 2 feet, 3 inches or 27 inches (25 to 50%)*
  • head circumference: 44.4 cm (50 to 75%)

*Daphne is getting close to being too long for her current infant car seat since the maximum length is 30 inches (the seat allows for up to 30 pounds of baby, but she will be too long before she hits that weight!) so we went ahead and bought her a new convertible car seat for one of her Christmas presents during Black Friday deals. We like the Britax Boulevard that we have for Eloise, but upgraded to the ClickTight for easier install. And it’s still marked down if you need a new car seat!

The ped also recommended that we start doing two snacks per day along with three meals… so Daphne is going to be delighted since eating is one of her very favorite things to do! And it means that she is literally going to be eating all. day. long. She already spends a fair amount of her awake time eating her meals as it is (she is a very slow eater, but because of quantity of food she consumes) so hopefully she will be a faster snacker!

And lastly, how are there only 12 weeks left until she is one? I remember feeling this way with Eloise after we passed over the 40 week mark!

And here is Eloise’s 40 week update!

Happy 40 weeks Daphne!


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