my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise has been asking for months to have her nails painted, so we got her nail polish for her birthday (we got this Piggy Paint which is great for toddlers). She was so excited and wanted her nails painted immediately, pink on her toes and purple on her fingers. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough to let it dry and that I’d have polish all over the living room, but the paint dried quickly (and I only did one coat) and Eloise did really well staying seated with her fingers and toes out to dry!}


{We celebrated our good friend Harlon’s birthday on Friday evening with a fun family dinner. The food was amazing (my friend Lauren and her mom are amazing cooks) and it was great to see and catch up with friends!}


{And Saturday, post-nap which didn’t happen, we headed to The Little Gym for our friend Beatrice’s party. Eloise was a bit reserved and shy since she didn’t know any of the other kids except for Bea, but enjoyed running around and swinging on the bars.}


{Meanwhile Aaron was up the street helping our friends demo their basement in preparation for a big house remodel. #demoday}


{And it was a pizza party of course! I loved that my friend Shannon brought blueberries and peas though (to round out the meal) because I would have done the same thing!}


{Beatrice had the CUTEST cupcakes. Her party theme was farm animals, so there were cows, sheep, horses, and pigs.}


{The birthday presents have been coming in all week long, including this weekend. Eloise has enjoyed this baking set from Aunt Yaya especially since she helped me bake the cake for her party!}


{It’s great to head out to the garden in the morning for some fresh green onion for your eggs… in your underpants and rain boots.}


{Apparently there were some beets that were ready for harvest! And a tiny purple flower too.}


{We headed to celebrate Clive’s birthday this morning and, of course, Eloise found books to read. I love this kid!}


{Building block towers with Papa before bed this evening.}

Summer birthday parties have commenced (I guess starting with Eloise’s last weekend) and this weekend (plus next) is filled to the brim with parties for our friends! I really felt like we spent the entire weekend at birthday parties, and we even missed two of the parties because of naptime! It has been fun this year to see these now-three year olds celebrate because they are really understanding what a birthday is… well, the cake, singing, and presents part at least.

We finally got some rain (!) on Saturday night and into this morning which was a nice break from the hot summer weather. {Can I sound any more like a Seattleite?} We are looking forward to a completely unscheduled week after a bit of a crazy one last week! How was your weekend?


Also, pretty much everyone we have seen this weekend has asked about Eloise’s new purple watch (she is IN LOVE) and it’s probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I put it on her Amazon Wishlist like a year ago, but sent it to my parents as a gift idea (thanks Mimi and Paga). Anyways, here is the link to the watch (it’s just a regular watch but Eloise thinks it’s a “smart watch” like Papa’s – his is a Fitbit Blaze – and checks her text and email notifications on it, ha!): Timex Kid’s Watch.

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