my weekend in pictures.


{Less than 5 minutes before this photo was taken she was in the middle of that play mat… trouble, I tell you.}


{Got out of the shower to find Eloise reading to Daphne. Swoon.}


{Eloise reading to her babies.}


{Daphne has had a rough few mornings and we think it’s teeth. She wouldn’t go back to sleep in her crib but would sleep with Papa. Hard to complain since she usually sleeps until 8 (!) but 5 or 6 am is rough!}


{Playing with the sand at Clara and Caleb’s birthday party on Saturday morning!}


{And then to Lily’s Moana party in the afternoon after naptime. Playing matching games with her friend Amelie.}


{And talking with Moana. Eloise has absolutely no idea who Moana is but I showed her a picture, and said “she is super brave” and Eloise finally warmed up to her!}


{Eloise and some of her friends. These are mostly our PEPS friends who are having birthday parties and it’s hard to believe these kiddos have known each other their entire lives (like since they were 4 or 6 weeks old)!}


{Eloise has been really into holding Daphne recently.}


{And Daphne is in awe of her big sister!}


{Since we are going to be starting solids with Baby D soon, we figured it was time to get another highchair. We LOVE the Stokke Tripp Trapp that we have for Eloise, so we picked up another one for Daphne.}


{In that same vein, I started making purees today. Roasted blueberries and cinnamon. Smelled amazing. Trying to take advantage of the summer fruit before fall comes so there are more recipes planned for this week.}


{Eloise and I spent some time this morning writing thank you notes for her birthday. Postcards are the best since she can decorate and draw on one side, and feel like she is contributing!}


{Weekly picture shenanigans.}


{Baby D and Papa got in some cuddles after dinner this evening.}


{Neither of us wanted to cook once I got home from Barre this afternoon, so we changed and headed to U Village with the girls. Luckily (for Eloise) we ate early enough that there was still time to hit the playground before we had to head home.}


{And the girls in their respective chairs. In real life they will be on opposite sides of the table, but they were pretty excited about sitting next to each other! Daphne looks way too old right now and I can’t even believe it. How is she old enough for a highchair?}

We had a really nice weekend, but it seriously flew by! As we were driving home from dinner tonight, I couldn’t believe it was already the end of the weekend. I could have sworn it was only Friday night! Where did the last 48 hours even go?

Also, mostly because of the heat and also because, well, toddlers, Eloise does not like to be dressed when we are at home. As I started looking thru all of my pictures of her in her underpants, I am wondering why I even buy her clothes (or maybe I need to buy her more?)!

We are wrapping up the last of the summer birthday parties (last one is next week!) and have just two more weeks of summer left before Labor Day and the start of the school year for Eloise. (I sort of love that summer feels a bit longer since our kids start so much later than everyone else.) As much as I hate to see the summer go, I am really looking forward to fall. I need a change of pace and a bit more structure in my days and weeks.

How was your weekend?


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