my weekend in pictures.


{Grammie and Eloise at the tulip fields.}


{So many tulips. It is gorgeous!}


{Oh my gosh that squishy face. She sometimes makes me want a newborn all day every day forever!}


{Dyeing Easter eggs with Grammie. Not surprisingly purple was her favorite dye color!}


{A grocery store run with Grammie and Daphne. It is so nice to have two adults when shopping so I can take the car seat in the stroller. We also got an entire cart full of plants!}


{Grammie planting my front pots – thanks Mama! – and Eloise perfecting her bubble blowing.}


{The Easter bunny came early to the Lower house and brought Eloise some of her own gardening tools. So of course she had to try them out!}


{My beautiful pots all planted for spring!}


{And Eloise helping water my new peony plant. Apparently she didn’t think the spout was fast enough!}

{“Happy Easter” from Eloise!}


{Outtake from Daphne’s weekly photo. Sisters are the best you guys!}


{Papa and Daphne. It kills me when she puts her little arm over her belly like that.}


{So much bark got delivered this afternoon. And then Aaron spent the rest of the day spreading it out in our flower beds. I posted a video in my Instagram stories of the backyard if you want to see it all done!}


{A post-nap Easter egg hunt this afternoon. She was pretty excited about it! Also, this is pre-new bark as this flower bed looks vastly different now!}



Grammie was in town for the long weekend (obviously) so we had such a fun time with her while she was here! We headed up north to Skagit Valley for the Tulip Festival and even though the tulips are slightly late this year (about a quarter aren’t in bloom yet) it was still so, so beautiful! If you are ever in Seattle in April, go check it out.

The weekend brought sunny and warm-ish weather, so we tried to spend at least some of the day outside! Aaron did a complete overhaul to our yard and now it looks amazing, plus Grammie planted our front pots and I got a few new plants into the backyard beds.

It really felt like SPRING this weekend and I am welcoming it with open arms. Even though we are supposed to get rain for the next few days, the warmer temperatures will (slightly) make up for it. And we are ready to start a new week!

How was your weekend? Also, HAPPY EASTER and how is it already the middle of April?!


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