my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise nursing her baby Stella. She is such a great little mama!}


{Eloise LOVES her little sister. And ditto for Daphne. It is the sweetest!}


{If you missed it on my Instagram and Facebook, I shared a side-by-side of Daphne and Eloise in one of my favorite rompers! I swear these girls look similar, but in these pictures they look so different!}


{I finally went thru my entire closet on Saturday afternoon during naptime and was pretty brutal. I will realistically need nursing friendly tops for the next year (plus) and to get rid of the things I will never wear… it was a surprisingly large pile of things!}


{Out at U Village for some shopping and dinner on Saturday.}


{There are three cozy coupes at the U Village playground these days, so Eloise got a turn without having to be too patient!}


{This little one is trying so hard to hold her paci in her mouth!}


{Eloise helped us make some of Mama’s “milk bars” (aka lactation cookies) which she was so excited about! We have been trying not to call them “cookies” so that she isn’t as interested in them. The recommendation is to eat 4 cookies a day to help boost supply (!) and I am taking that as a challenge!}


{Papa and Eloise reading. She is so obsessed with books and would read them (or have them read to her) all. day. long.}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no plans – exactly what we needed! I was so spoiled since I got to sleep in both mornings. Well, I was still up early to feed and pump, but headed back to bed for a morning nap! (You know you are the mama of a newborn when you can squeeze a nap in before 8 am!)

Aaron was able to mow the lawn in between the sprinkles on Saturday morning and by late Saturday afternoon, we had sunshine! It finally (finally) feels like spring is around the corner.

Eloise has spring break this week, so I am gearing up for my hands being full with both girls for the first half of the week before Grammie joins us! Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate and we can spend some time outside.

How was your weekend?


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