my weekend in pictures.


{Breakfast drinks: Califa cold brew for Mama, (cow’s) milk for Eloise, (pumped) milk for Daphne.}


{Yep, I could do this all day. Wait, I have a toddler too…}


{Snuggles with Daphne while I play with Eloise.}


{A selfie with my two best girls. On Friday we stayed in our jammies all day long. And Eloise insisted on wearing a blue sticker on her eyebrow. #toddlershenanigans}


{Aaron’s work sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to the house!}


{Ah, this Daphne girl. We are so in love!}


{We headed out before the rain on Saturday after naptime for our first family walk. Instead of getting a double stroller, we got this seat/board attachment for Eloise and she LOVES it!}


{Our neighbor Amy brought over a stash of ice cream sandwiches and we have been slowly making our way thru them! So delicious!}


{Getting Daphne used to this babywearing thing since I am pretty sure this is the only way I will survive during the day with both girls!}


{Papa and Eloise post-bath. That little bath robe kills me!}



{Papa and his girls reading a bedtime story. Swoon!}

This was our first weekend of just the four of us and it was much slower than we are used to, but perfect in it’s own way. We were able to see a few friends with a PEPS play date on Saturday morning and two weekend dinners brought over – thanks Leslie and Nancy! – and also get into a new routine which included a much-needed nap this afternoon (for me)!

How was your weekend?


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