my weekend in pictures.


{Sunbathing on Friday morning… because we actually saw the sun in Seattle!}


{An adventure out to U Village with the girls late Friday morning. I also managed to get everyone wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but failed to get a photo…}


{Aaron and Eloise FaceTiming with family on Saturday morning.}


{Getting back into the cloth diapering routine. Newborn diapers are SO tiny!}


{Daphne is staying awake a little longer between feedings and naps these days, so we are trying out some “play time.” In a few weeks I think she will be ready for tummy time!}


{Those eyelashes are coming in!}


{Saturday night at the Lower house: Eloise was in bed, Aaron was out visiting out-of-town friends, and Daphne and I cuddled on the couch and watched HGTV.}


{Sunday morning came early and since I was up feeding Daphne and pumping really early, I took a nap around 7:30 AM. #newbornmamalife Can you guess which one of the three of us was pretending to sleep?? Also, Aaron and I have a pretty strict policy against co-sleeping with our kids (a completely personal decision!) but at this newborn stage I sometimes make an exception.}



{Daphne frequently covers her eyes if she thinks it’s too bright! Haha, a true Seattlite!}

We had a mostly lazy weekend and enjoyed each other’s company without feeling like we had to grind out a big to-do list. And it was so fitting that today is the first day of spring because we have actually had sunshine over the past few days! Hooray! I know it sounds like I am obsessed with the weather (seriously, all people in Seattle talk about the weather!) but this is the first sunny stretch we’ve had since the fall! I read somewhere recently that Seattle has only had 4 sunny days since October – what? We are SO ready for spring!

How was your weekend?


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