friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday! Can you believe how fast this week went? And just 9 days until Christmas!

But since shortly after Christmas Baby Foot is due, I thought I would do a special Mama-to-Be Round Up for this week’s post. Here are some things that would be great for any expecting mamas, and I may or may not need want some all of the following:

{one} Dwell and Slumber dress.

Cozy Olive

{via Dwell and Slumber}

As is true with more and more “maternity” clothing lines, Dwell and Slumber is a company that sells dresses you can wear before, during, and after pregnancy. When I first started hearing about this, I thought it was crazy. Even the lady at a maternity store told me that was the goal (as she was trying to sell me full-panel maternity jeans!) and generally I am not a fan. Pretty much anything that will accommodate my growing bump will not fit me post-partum. But, there are a few pieces that I think could, and I think these dresses from Dwell and Slumber are one of them (the other being a few pieces from the Hatch Collection, though I think some of the pieces from this line are just too baggy!). I love the drape of these dresses and the dolman sleeves, they are nursing friendly with the Henley-like button-up front, and they would look cute belted to help rein in some of that extra fabric! I have my eye on that olive one, plus basically all of the grey ones…

{two} Plum Pretty Sugar Robe.

Sweetheart Robe. Lovebug.

{via Plum Pretty Sugar}

When I had Eloise I brought my own hospital gown to change into once we headed into the post-partum/recovery room and while I will do that again I do also plan on bringing my own robe. Robes are awesome for growing bumps but also for nursing. And I am loving these beautiful robes from Plum Pretty Sugar, especially this soft grey one (it’s called Lovebug!). Something nice to wear at the end of your pregnancy and also equally nice to have those first pictures taken in at the hospital!

{three} Logan and Lenora wet bags.

Simple Clutch

{via Logan and Lenora}

I was first introduced to the idea of wet bags because we went the cloth diapering route with Eloise (and we will continue to do with Baby Foot!) but I am convinced that every mama-to-be needs at least a few wet bags in her stash. They are amazing for anything and everything – wet swimsuits, blowouts, extra storage. I still use a small one in my purse to carry a change of clothes for Eloise in case she has an accident.

But I am loving these fun wet bags from Logan and Lenora which is a recent find via Instagram. I am planning on streamlining my “diaper bag” this time around and having a pouch for me, one for Eloise, and one for Baby Foot to carry essentials, and I think these pouches/clutches might be perfect!

If you are interested, here is the list of my pregnancy essentials from my last pregnancy (with the exception of gummy pre-natal vitamins this time around!). Any current mamas have anything to add to the list?

And be sure to check out what Kendra is loving this week! What about you?



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2 thoughts on “friday I’m in love.

  1. Yay! I am a Valentine’s Day baby which has always been fun. Though I am hoping this baby will wait a little longer so we don’t share a birthday! Thanks for reading!

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