my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise and I made Christmas treats for our neighbors on Friday afternoon. We always give them our Christmas card in-person (usually Aaron and Eloise go out around the neighborhood one evening) and I thought it would be fun to add some sweet treats. We made this Christmas Chex Mix and this Pre-School Fudge. If I get my act together, I will share pictures of the final results!}


{Santa came a little early this year and left a new-to-us red car in the driveway! Just kidding, we sat at the car dealership all morning on Saturday. We are turning in our VW Golf Wagen in a few weeks (after the TDI scandal) and needed a replacement. I never thought we would have an SUV, but with Baby Foot’s impending arrival, it seemed like a good fit for us!}


{We went to our friends’ annual Bite Party on Saturday night where everyone brings an appetizer or dessert to share and then everyone votes on the best. We made this Dark Chocolate Tart with Sea Salt and it was pretty good! Note: if you like super sweet desserts, this is not for you.}


{We finally got our new fireplace done and it is all decorated for the holiday! The final piece was adding logs and lights to the firebox (eventually we may add an electric insert). I will be sure to share more pictures soon since it is so beautiful all decorated and Aaron did an amazing job!}


{I finally have a shelf – thanks Baby Foot! Enjoying a pre-barre bowl of cereal nearly hands-free. Sidenote: did any other mamas lose their appetites during the third trimester?}


{Weekly pizza night and Eloise is always eager to help roll out the dough. Aaron always lets her make her own pizza and it is the cutest.}

What a fun weekend we had! It is still super cold here (by PNW standards) and barely getting to 40 degrees most days but we are staying as warm as we can; it is this time of year we are so thankful for our radiant heated floors! Eloise seems to have picked up a cold which progressed over the past two days and now I am feeling stuffy… fingers crossed we will kick this before Christmas!

We are looking forward to a fun week before settling in for the holiday weekend! I can’t believe Christmas is just a week away!

How was your weekend?


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