my weekend in pictures.


{In preparation for fall and the big storms predicted for the weekend, Aaron hung the storm windows.}


{And Eloise played in the dirt. She is obsessed with that bucket!}


{Aaron made me a few stands for my flags as I start getting ready for my Pop-Up Shop next weekend at West Elm Seattle. If you are in town, come by and see me between noon and 3 pm!}


{I launched a small Fall Collection and love them all. That black “trick or treat” though is probably my new favorite!}


{Somehow I ended up promising Eloise waffles for breakfast on Sunday and she did not let me forget it!}


{We headed north to visit the Andersons in their new house & to watch the Seahawks game. I had so much fun socializing and biting my nails that I didn’t take any pictures… Here’s a shot that Jess got of Cale with all the kiddos! Thanks for having us!}

We had a pretty productive weekend which feels great! Everyone was anticipating a huge, huge storm for Friday and Saturday, but we just ended up with a lot of rain and about 10 minutes of strong wind. But I am thankful since it could have been really bad. I can’t believe we are already in the middle of October with Halloween just around the corner! How is the fall already flying by?

How was your weekend?


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