friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Gap No-Show Socks.

product photo

{via Gap}

So this is definitely not seasonally correct, but I finally found a good pair of no-show socks for sneakers, and have been wearing them with my booties too, at the Gap. I have always had trouble with socks being too big (since I have really tiny feet) but these ones have worked well! Plus, Gap is always having a sale, so they are pretty inexpensive too.

{two} Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover.

Black & Ivory Pinstripe Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover

{via Covered Goods}

I haven’t started nesting (yet) but I have been keeping an eye out (and making a list) of things we will need for this next baby. Mostly we are trying not to buy a lot of stuff (which was true with Eloise too) but especially this time around since we can re-use so much of what we have around. But, one thing that I always hated was my nursing cover. I had the one that just had a strap that went around your neck and it was problematic from the start. I felt like I was attracting more attention to myself in public when I was trying to use it, and a few months in Eloise learned to throw her arms and legs around, and it was done-zo with that nursing cover! I spent most of my time nursing Eloise without one.

Enter: Covered Goods. I had seen these around on car seats a few places in town, but my friend Lauren has one for her new baby, and they are awesome! They are stretchy jersey that act as a car seat cover (like above), a nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover. And, it comes in stripes – swoon! This is definitely on my list of things for Baby Foot!

{three} Mini Boden + Roald Dahl Collection.

{via Mini Boden}

Roald Dahl is probably one of my favorite authors ever. I remember devouring all of his books as a kid. Such a magical storyteller. I can’t wait for Eloise & Baby Foot to start reading!

Anyways, Mini Boden has just launched an impossibly cute collection inspired by Roald Dahl stories and it is awesome! Mini Boden runs on the high end of what would I buy for Eloise, but I am wanting to buy some of these pieces in bigger sizes (so she won’t grow out of them so quickly) and hoard them! I have my eye on this Matilda dress (the inside is so cute!), this T-shirt, this royal dress, this cape (which is sold out!), and this alphabet dress.

Be sure to check out what Kendra’s loving this week! What about you?




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