my {long} weekend in pictures.


{On Friday, Aaron was cooking pizza for dinner so Eloise wanted to make pizza in her kitchen too!}


{We stayed up and watched about half of a Jim Gaffigan show – he is the best!}


{Aaron needed to run an errand at the Microsoft Store, so E and I joined along & she played with some of the computers which she calls “working.”}


{We finally hung some frames in our entryway which has been on the list forever. These are city prints from the Rifle Paper Co calendar. Now we have a bucket list of destinations: Venice, London, Paris, Tokyo, and Cairo. I am two for five and Aaron is one for five.}


{Crazy that I boxed up all of E’s cloth diapers this weekend. I will do an update on potty training in the coming weeks, but this girl is (basically) potty trained! Wahoo!}


{Eloise was obsessed with the Xbox controller and this little headset this weekend. She never sees the Xbox on, except for one Daniel Tiger during the week, but knows the controller works the Xbox. She kept yelling “Colin! Colin!” (or was it “Callin’! “Callin’!”) whenever she had the headset on. It was hilarious!}


{Our little artist had a watercolor session for her birthday thank you notes. The final products are below.}


{Aaron has a few big projects – which we will be sure to share! – and worked really hard to get wood cut & ready this weekend.}


{A mornings selfie by Eloise.}


{It was cooler today so this adorable knit sweater that my sister-in-law made for E for her birthday was perfect! And that is the face that Eloise makes when you want her to pose for a picture, but she really just wants to look at your phone. “Cheese Mama!”}


{I cropped the pages that Eloise watercolored to make postcards and then wrote her thank you notes on the back.}


{In an effort to avoid maternity clothes for as long as possible – I especially loathe maternity denim – I DIY’d my own maternity jeans from a pair of Madewell jeans I picked up on super sale a few weeks ago. I won’t really know if they work until my bump gets bigger, but for now I don’t have to worry about spending $180 on Madewell maternity jeans that I will wear for 6 months…}

If Labor Day weekend is the official end of summer & kick-off of fall, it was certainly true in Seattle! The weather has changed (at least for the moment) to cooler, crisper, and rainier which I have been embracing with open arms!

We got quite a bit done around the house this weekend – projects that have been needing some attention – that we have been hoping to get done before fall really hits.

And we are ending the long weekend with Aaron running out to the store (at almost 11 PM) to get new batteries for our smoke detectors. One started chirping this morning, but apparently the chirping will continue until all of the batteries work? They are hard-wired too so it is a bit frustrating. Fingers crossed we can get the chirping to stop!

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my {long} weekend in pictures.

  1. It’s refreshing that Eloise is learning at an early age to do thank yous! 🙂
    Hope you are feeling better; I enjoy your updates.
    Bonne journee !

  2. So many things — Eloise looks so old cooking her pizza. I don’t know if it is her hair or her new title as big sis, but such a big girl!! Yay for potty training!! I can’t wait to see the project updates, I need some inspiration to get on the ball at our house too. Love the thank-you notes, what a cute idea. Lastly, WHYYYY do the smoke detectors wait until everyone is in bed to start chirping?! So frustrating! Love you all! xoxo

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