a happy announcement!


{big sister tee: Thug Life Kids // letter board: Letter Folk // moccasins: Freshly Picked // hair bow: Hello Hadley Girl (similar)}

Happy Wednesday! If you missed it over on my Instagram & Facebook, we have (officially) announced the impending arrival of Baby Lower who is due in February!

While we pretty widely shared the news this time around, waiting until the end of the first trimester felt right to make everything social media official. With pregnancy tests being able to detect pregnancies so early these days, you can find out when you are just about a month or so pregnant. That was true with me – I was about 4.5 weeks – when I took a test on Father’s Day morning. My cycles were non-existent at that point but I had been testing my ovulation which actually seemed to have some pattern. I fully expected a negative test, but was SHOCKED when it was positive! Since Aaron didn’t know I had taken it that morning, I wrapped it up & gave it to him as a Father’s Day present. I still wish I had taken a video of his face when he saw it – haha! It was the greatest!

I am just into my second trimester & starting to feel so much better, tired, but not nearly as much nausea as previous weeks. This pregnancy feels pretty similar to my first one which is comforting, though I know there will be some curveball! We have been taking weekly pictures which I will do a big post on sometime soon to catch you all up! A fair warning that there is no bump yet… EVERYONE told me/has been telling me that you start showing earlier with second (third, fourth) kiddos, but I really think I have a few more weeks before I am going to start showing. I can tell but it really isn’t obvious that I am sporting a bump yet. Le sigh. I am in the awkward phase where my pants feel too tight & I look like I need to give up dessert, so stretchy pants & rubber bands on my pants buttons for now!

Hopefully your Wednesday is a little happier & I will be back with bump updates soon!

xo M

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