my weekend in pictures.


{Golden Gardens on Friday afternoon. It was super hot but so beautiful!}


{I picked up a few pints of our favorite ice cream – Molly Moon’s – to celebrate David graduating with his MBA!}


{We hit up Serious Biscuit this morning for brunch & it was amazing, as usual. We also got to see the women’s vault final which is honestly the first Olympic coverage I have seen. Go Simone!}


{Ah, the Space Needle. We hung around Seattle Center after brunch, & David & crew went up to the observation deck while we headed home for naptime.}


{Eloise loved this little rock area at the playground this morning. When you dropped rocks into the cages, they would hit these bell plates & make music.}


{We wrapped up our dining adventures at Frelard Pizza Company for dinner. There was way too much pizza ordered, but it was really good & the play area for kids is fantastic!}

We had Aaron’s brother David & his family in town visiting this weekend & I did not take nearly enough pictures! Really, not one picture of all the kids. There were lots of city adventures to be had & lots of good times. It was so, so hot though… is it fall yet?

How was your weekend?


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