my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise went to daycare on Friday so I had the entire day to myself! I made the trek down to IKEA for a few things.}


{On Saturday morning we hit up Greenlake since it was a scorcher – over 90 degrees! – & it was so hot! Can you tell by Eloise’s face?}


{But we cooled off in the wading pool at Greenlake & then had a picnic lunch in the shade.}


{These wooden stools from IKEA are so great. We keep them in the bathrooms for Eloise to wash her hands. I put one together during naptime with the drill – it went so quickly!}


{After some work in the yard this morning, Eloise wanted to take her tricycle out for a quick ride before lunch. Every time she sees herself in her helmet she shouts “MOO! MOO!” It’s the best!}


{I have been really good at getting to my Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class. A much-needed hour to myself to start the week off right.}


{Aaron had Eloise dressed in her striped dress when I got home from Barre, so of course Eloise wanted us to match. I love this girl.}


{David, Jodi, & their kids got back into town for the next few days & we finally got a picture of all the kids together! They are a fun bunch.}

We had a fun weekend & are gearing up for the last full week of August – what? How was your weekend?


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