my weekend in pictures.


{On Friday it was so sunny and beautiful that after we ran a few errands, we hit up the playground! Eloise enjoyed a snack and some kid-watching beforehand.}


{Our weekend Greenlake walk was Saturday morning this week and it was lovely! We are so lucky to live so close to such a beautiful part of the city.}


{Aaron hung our new curtains in the guest bedroom. Swoon!}


{We had a friend and his sweet dog Winnie over on Saturday for dinner and Eloise was obsessed with Winnie! See the first time these two met here (scroll down to almost the bottom of the post!) But Sadie was not so much a fan of Winnie…}


{Mother’s Day brunch at Toulouse Petite in Queen Anne with the Andersons. It was so yummy!}


{The crew all dressed up for brunch! Love these two.}


{I resumed my Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class after a very long hiatus and it was so great! I love starting the week with a great workout.}


{And after dinner we hit up Molly Moon’s ice cream for a Mother’s Day treat! It was amazing and I am so glad I worked out before Aaron and I ate all of this!}


{And guess what TJ’s had when I venture in there late this afternoon – peonies! YES! And now I will hit up TJ’s every week of peony season.}

This weekend was wonderful and we had such a good time! My Mother’s Day was so perfect thanks to Aaron and Eloise; we dressed up, brunched (with mimosas and amazing friends!), played Settlers of Catan, got ice cream, and Aaron did laundry, nap time, diaper changes and watched Eloise while I went to barre. A perfect day!

And a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mamas out there, especially my own mama (Grammie) and Aaron’s step-momma (Nana)!

How was your weekend?


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