my weekend in pictures.

{waiting at the ferry terminal in anacortes.}

{eloise & aaron out on the deck. it was a little bit windy, but since this was eloise’s first ferry boat ride, a walk out on the deck was a must!}

{getting into orcas island.}

{our rental house had a hopscotch up to the entry way. the house was super quirky, but it worked so well for us even though it felt like we just got to sleep there (we were pretty busy!)}

{enjoying water views from lunch on saturday.}

{we saw a few young deer around the house, including this one!}

{we went to the venue to see if we could help at all & eloise tried on a few of the photo booth props. she was the most adorable bunny!}

{this was the view from the big porch where the ceremony took place. so gorgeous!}

{the view of the water on the way to our house. & the reflection of my jacket, apparently.}

{we headed into the little downtown for lunch & some quick window shopping on saturday, & found this huge wooden sculpture.}

{aaron & I attempted this puzzle on saturday afternoon, but sadly we didn’t get very much of it done before we had to leave.}

{there was a solar-powered sun catcher crystal which eloise was fascinated with on saturday afternoon since it was SO sunny!}

{the bride & groom are big skiiers – that is an understatement – & these old skis were the guestbook.}

{Winnie is the newest addition to the bride & groom’s family, & got to be in the wedding! she is a bernese mountain dog which means she is going to be huge! her paws are as big as eloise’s feet.}

{the lower family all dressed up! I posted this picture to Instagram, but forgot that you can do non-square pictures now. here is the rest of my skirt (but not my shoes, oh well)!}

{colt was in from out of town & eloise was obsessed.}

{congratulations to mr & mrs steward! it was such a perfect wedding & every piece of it was so spot-on to what the couple wanted. they did an amazing job making the most perfect day!}

{we were able to grab some coffee at the ferry terminal in orcas village before heading back home. another beautiful day in the PNW!}

this weekend we headed out to Orcas Island (which is north in the San Juan Islands, but still in WA) for a wedding. it was a two hour drive, an hour long ferry ride, & then another 20 minute drive to get there, but it was worth it! such a fun time. plus, we had our good friend Colt in town (from Indiana) who we travelled with, & had to make sure he got there safe & sound since he was the best man & all… the weather was crisp, cool, & sunny meaning it was perfectly fall, & the island was SO gorgeous. I am already planning a trip back (in my head). we found this great little house on VRBO (which met all of my rental house needs from my last friday post!). such a fun whirlwind weekend with amazing friends, & little eloise who was such a great little traveler! how was your weekend?


One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. What a nice little trip you had to Orcas Island! Sooo pretty! Love the photo of Eloise and the puppy and the one of the three of you is so good. And what girl wouldn’t be obsessed with Colt! I am obsessed with Colt! ( In a Motherly kind of way of course lol ) Erin and Eloise have good taste in men!

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