my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise had her first mini-sleepover* at our friend’s house & she had the best time! Thanks Lauren & Andy!}

*For most of the day on Friday I wasn’t feeling well but by late Friday afternoon, I knew I should go in to get checked up since most of what was going on was chest pain. So we pretty much didn’t mess around. Aaron got home early from work, we dropped off Eloise, & headed to the ER. I was admitted & had bloodwork, chest x-rays, & an EKG, all which ruled out anything serious (no heart attack, no pneumonia, no blood clot) but the cause of my pain was (& is still) undetermined. I was discharged from the hospital & got to have dinner with a good friend before heading to pick up Eloise. I have been feeling better & have had minimal pain, so I am hopeful I am on the mend! Thank you to all of our friends & family who were so supportive & loving this weekend.


{on Saturday morning we got together with our PEPS friends for breakfast & sang Christmas carols with the kiddos. so fun!}


{Eloise LOVED wandering around Target holding her Papa’s hand! When did she get so big?}


{We went to a fun friends gathering on Saturday night & Eloise loved the little wooden rocking horse & the Christmas lights.}


{We ended up all dressed in plaid for the party. It was pretty festive!}


{We watched this great little documentary on Netflix called Twinsters about two adopted girls from South Korea who were twins separated at birth! One of the girls was raised in the US, the other in France, & they found out about each other from YouTube. So crazy!}


{She loves knocking on doors & windows these days. Oh, & carrying bags on arm or over her shoulder.}


{Aaron made the best cheesecake with salted caramel sauce this weekend! It was so delicious & I don’t consider myself a cheesecake fan.}


{As some of you may have seen from Instagram or Facebook, Eloise had her first piggie (pigtails) today. The sweetest!}

we had a really low-key weekend which was good since we all definitely needed some down-time, & it was pretty rainy & gross. I was in my jammies all day today, what? I am gearing up for a busy week getting ready for Christmas! How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. Well we are glad you are feeling better and at the same time, sorry that you felt bad enough that you had to go to the ER! You nor Aaron even mentioned anything about it when we face timed last night! Not that we could do much to help being so far away. But we can share our concern and let you know that we care. We care about how you are and what is going on in your lives! Anyway, glad that they didn’t find anything seriously wrong although I myself know how frustrating it can be that they didn’t get to the bottom of what caused the pain in the first place! Love you. Take care.

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