my {thanksgiving} week in pictures.


{Eloise & her new friends – the Browns!}


{we got to see my friend Paige who I have known since pre-school – we were 3! – & we haven’t seen each other in about 20 years. it was so, so good to catch up & meet each other’s families!}


{Eloise & Grammie playing with some pom poms. About 3 seconds after this picture was taken Eloise grabbed that tube off the wall!}


{Also playing with pipe cleaners & a colander.}


{Eloise rocking at Grammie & Grandpa’s! She loved it!}


{We had a reunion dinner with my very BEST girlfriends from high school & their families. I wish we could do this every week. Thank you for all of these amazing years of friendship fellow CBC ladies!}


{Eloise & Grammie reading a new Pout Pout fish book. It has flaps which is E’s favorite!}


{Cuddles with Papa on Thanksgiving & watching football. Eloise was not feeling well but she was such a trooper!}


{The Thanksgiving table! We used all of my late grandmother’s china & silver, but I didn’t even think to bring all of my décor from Friendsgiving!}


{Eloise reading with her Aunt “Dollie” who is my eldest sister.}


{Happy Thanksgiving from the Lowers!}


{Playing with Aunt Yaya.}


{Thanksgiving leftover sammie. One of many I consumed this weekend!}


{An old family friend came over to watch the Boise State game & Eloise loved her!}


{We watched my beloved Huskies win the Apple Cup this year!}


{Reading books with Aunt Yaya.}


{A baby friend came to play & Eloise wasn’t sure at first. Soon enough they were playing together & Eloise mostly shared her toys!}


{Gobble gobble.}


{Aaron’s sister Cari sent this turkey costume for Eloise to wear. All three of her kiddos have worn it & it has become quite the tradition.}


{A good reminder in my fortune cookie!}


{We left Boise this morning around 5:30 AM – partly to get on the road early so we wouldn’t arrive home in the dark & partly because Eloise refused to go back to sleep around 4:45 AM! We stopped in La Grande, Oregon for breakfast & Eloise was in a pretty good mood. She is finally feeling better!}


{Eloise took a few naps in the car, but this one was particularly memorable since she fell asleep looking at pictures of herself. That picture is one of her & Aaron on a swing.}


{We stopped in Yakima for lunch & thought Eloise might do better in a booster seat rather than a highchair since we were in a big booth table. She looked so old sitting there with her crayons. And 5 seconds after this photo was taken, she was out of the seat & walking all over that booth seat!}


{I fell asleep shortly after lunch – I wasn’t driving! – & woke up to see we were already making our way thru Snoqualmie Pass. It is breathtakingly beautiful up there & pictures do not do it justice!}


{The realities of a car trip – all of the things to be put away!}


{We finished the weekend with more football & were so excited – & surprised to be honest! – that the Seahawks got a win over the Steelers!}

We had such a FUN week in Boise for the holiday, despite all three of us being sick the entire time! We are all on the mend now after runny noses, coughing, & me losing my voice for a few days, & fingers crossed we didn’t get any one else sick too! There was lots of catching up with family & friends, & it reminded me just how much we can be thankful for this year. We also got hair cuts (I still go back to Boise to see O’Dell at Graeber & Company if you need a recommendation!), a movie date to see Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II, & watched SO much football!

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?


One thought on “my {thanksgiving} week in pictures.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun and getting to be with old friends was priceless! Kyle was just talking about how sad it is that old friends don’t get together much as you get older. We had a rather quiet weekend but totally relaxing and layed back! Sam and I both stayed in our p.j.’s all day Friday! Hardly ever do that! Went to dinner with friends Sat. night that use to live a couple of doors down from us. Then another quiet day yesterday! I could’ve decorated for Christmas but just couldn’t get in the mood! Not sure we even will this year.

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