friday I’m in love.

welcome back Friday!

{one} tiny tassel tutorial.

{via The Sweet Lulu Blog}

I have been having a recent love affair for tassels, on pillows & even my key chain (I have one from K. Slademade but it isn’t available anymore. Boo.) Any way, I pinned this tassel tutorial some time ago & I want to make one (or a bunch!). It is super easy! Maybe for our front door key?

{two} WA high school rankings.

High School

{via U.S. News & World Report}

While we have a few years (um, 15?) before Eloise will be going to high school, it is something that I think about a lot. Partly because I can’t believe she is ever going to be that big & partly because the public high school is just three blocks away. The U.S. News & World Report for 2015 ranked the top Washington schools & guess which one made the top ten? Yep, Roosevelt High School is #8 (& in the top 500 nationally)! Wahoo! One of the greatest things about our location is the school district (sort of planned & sort of sheer-dumb-luck) & I am thrilled! Eloise Lower – Roosevelt High School graduating class of 2032!

{three} our sweet Sadie dog.

{from Sadie’s 9th birthday}

So first, a belated birthday shout-out to our number one dog Sadie who turned 11 two weeks ago! We were out on Orcas Island & Sadie had the best time with our rock-star dog/house sitters! & two, Sadie got an A+ on her check-up today. It was just a routine exam & updated vaccines, but the vet was impressed with how well she is doing in her elderly age. The only thing was that the vet tech mentioned maybe cutting back on some kibble since she is clearly getting some extra food scraps (read: Eloise)! We were working on trimming her meals down already, but noted! We love this lady & even though she doesn’t get as much of the spotlight anymore, she still has our heart!

What are you loving this week?


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