my weekend in pictures.

{eloise shenanigans on friday morning!}

{this is a pretty usual scene – DVD in hand. she has learned to take the disks out of the cases though, so it has become interesting! also, that stripey shirt? I need one in my size!}

{{eloise’s first ride in a cozy coupe at the UVillage. to say that she loved it would be an understatement. she may or may not have thrown a small tantrum when we had to leave…}

{eloise was sporting double Daffy Duck bandaids on her thighs after shots on friday afternoon. she wasn’t too happy about them but was so brave! darn flu season.}

{the maple in front of our house is SO beautiful right now. this picture doesn’t do it justice!}

{we headed to home depot on saturday morning to get supplies for a few on-going projects, including some things for our yard overhaul (which I am so excited to share soon!). don’t mind the pacifier – someone missed her morning nap!}

{eloise was entertaining herself while mama & papa worked on a project.}

{this afternoon was so nice & we had to spend some time outside. after a family walk around the block, I got out eloise’s little bike – a birthday present from grammie & grandpa – & she loved it! a few months ago she was too little for it, but now she can push it down the sidewalk & even sit down on it & take a ride! she had so much fun & then threw a small tantrum when we had to go inside for dinner… are you sensing a theme?}

{I inadvertently match our outfits at least a few times a week & I am not sad about it. today it was black leggings & green shirts!}

{aaron has been wanting to prune this front tree for a long time & I finally gave in. it really couldn’t be worse than it was, & I am pleasantly surprised that it looks better! it seems like about half the tree came down, but go aaron!}

we had a fun weekend filled with catching up with close friends & it was lovely! we had friends over for brunch this afternoon & aaron made the BEST huevos rancheros. seriously, so good! the weather is still warm-ish, but fall has definitely arrived in seattle as the leaves are starting to change & the temperatures are dropping down. I LOVE this time of year in the PNW! we are gearing up for another week & it is hard to believe it is already October… what the heck? how was your weekend?


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