my weekend in pictures.

{we just got this gate for our small hallway upstairs. we went back & forth about whether we wanted a gate, but decided that it is too much of a risk of eloise getting to the top of the stairs (& falling down) since she is so mobile now. we are still going to teach eloise to go up & down the stairs safely but for now it is a gate!}

{the current state of my desk. seriously I have way too many projects going on at once! someday I will organize it but for now I am blaming party prepping activities…}

{updating to Windows 10!}

{making funny faces at the park.}

{an outtake from our anniversary selfie. see the real version here.}

{oh sadie. what a sweet, sweet girl!}

{how did this little one get so grown up? & sporting her first ponytail.}

{one of her favorite spots to play – under the side table in the living room.}

{party prep is a go this week! big party on saturday!}

another great weekend in the books! we celebrated our five year anniversary on saturday & had a picnic dinner at greenlake. we took along sadie & eloise, but hope to have a real date night in the coming weeks! we were both out in the yard on saturday trying to get some of the front flower beds cleaned up & aaron spent most of sunday in the backyard trying to chop down the old laurel bushes. some day our backyard will be presentable & I promise to share pictures! how was your weekend?


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One thought on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. OMG I love the “under the table” picture! So much fun! And so adorable! This one is going to keep you and Aaron on your toes for a lonnng time!

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