eloise {week 39}


{sunglasses: Honest Company // onesie: Carter’s // bloomers: babyGap // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{week 39} this past week we were visiting aaron’s family in indiana so eloise had the opportunity to meet lots of her (great) aunts, uncles, cousins, & great grandparents. she had the best time seeing everyone & it was wonderful to see her with all of aaron’s family.

even though we kept a busy schedule, we were mindful of eloise’s napping schedule & limited ourselves (mostly) to going out in the afternoons so that she could get at least two good naps in. it was hard for us not to just pack her up in the car & try to see everyone & do everything the entire time we were gone, but we knew that she would quickly become fussy & none of us would have had very much fun after a couple of days of that. eloise sometimes naps in the car, but usually falls asleep 5 minutes before we reach our destination…

speaking of naps, eloise took the best naps while we were gone! she was in a Pack N Play in her nana & papaw’s guest bedroom & it was perfect. one of us would put her down for a nap & turn on the sound machine, & she would nap for at least 90 minutes (& often times two hours!). I thought at first it would just be one nap that would be good, but she was taking two solid naps (90 minutes to two hours) & then a third nap for at least an hour. yup, it was awesome!

now sleeping at night, on the other hand, was a bit rough. there were one or maybe two nights that she slept thru the night waking only for an early AM feeding, but mostly she was really sad at night. she would sleep a few hours to begin with, but then around midnight or 1 AM she would start her wake-ups. she would cry & fuss a few times (three to five) until I fed her between 4 & 6 AM. it was no fun. sometimes she would fall asleep again as soon as she was picked up, other times she would cry & cry. we are blaming it on teething, but I don’t see any new teeth coming in (plus, eloise won’t let me see inside her mouth these days!). I am hoping she will work out whatever was going on & we can get back to more restful night sleep.

eloise is talking & chattering so much these days. she is really loving her “B” & “M” sounds. I don’t mind one bit since I hear a lot of “mama” lately! I know she doesn’t know I am Mama, but it still melts my heart.

waving is also a new fun thing as eloise is starting to catch on. she mostly waves with her hand at herself (it is adorable!), but waved at me on the plane yesterday. she is still doing the low, full arm wave too, but working on moving just her fingers.

happy 39 weeks eloise!


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