my weekend in pictures.


{eloise & crosby got to hang out for the first time on friday afternoon.}


{eloise & her cousin charlotte playing at their nana & papaw’s.}


{uncle aaron trying his darndest to wear out all of the kiddos!}


{cousin frankie helping with eloise’s bedtime.}


{eloise enjoyed breakfast this morning complete with a greek yogurt beard!}


{we had Mother’s Day brunch with the glbertsons & this is the best we could get of all of the kiddos – crosby, kenley, & eloise.}


{ah! what a fun way to spend Mother’s Day weekend with this wonderful woman kendra! I was thrilled we were both in the same place in the world today. let’s move seattle & orlando closer together…}


{eloise got to meet her great grandma eileen this afternoon. what a treat!}


{eloise & beau playing before dinnertime. beau lets her get closer than sadie does & she loves it!}


{spent the last part of daylight on the golf course with aaron & his dad sam. thanks for the lesson!}

we spent the weekend in indiana visiting with aaron’s family & it has been a whirlwind of family & friends – so fun to introduce eloise to everyone! the weather has been summer-y which we have been enjoying since we probably won’t get this weather in seattle for a few more months… I will be sure to share many more pics from the trip after we get home (probably next week sometime?). how was your weekend?


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