eloise {week 35}


{hoodie: Childhoods // jeans: Carter’s // puppy: JellyCat}

{week 35} this week we are still battling a cold. (so much mucus!) between that & the (at least) two other teeth that are making an appearance, some naptime sleep & a lot of nighttime sleep has been disrupted… but during the day, eloise is still happy & joyful!

not much has changed this week. I think we’ve hit our new normal for at least a while. we are in a really good routine each day & it’s nice when eloise knows what is going on & I can meet her expectations. it makes it easy to know when we can go out & run errands or have play dates without being so disruptive to napping or eating, etc. the biggest things are still: solids three times a day (& figuring out how much that is!), army crawling, & teeth. two of her top teeth just came thru (left) and the other top two are going to break thru any day.

short post this week!

happy 35 weeks eloise!


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