my weekend in pictures.


{eloise enjoying some cheese at lunchtime.}


{the nose frieda. eloise HATES the nose frieda. when we aaron can get it to work though, it’s wonderful!}


{a typical eloise dinner these days: mango slices, yam puree, black beans, avocado slices, & water with a straw.}


{we finally did some yardwork this weekend after our neighbor mowed most of our front yard – we have the BEST neighbors! it was sunny but a little cold, so eloise was in a sunhat along with her fleece jacket & booties.}


{aaron working on the front lawn. it looks great!}


{eloise’s hair these days is so awesome. it isn’t a mohawk like it was when she was a newborn, but still has so much volume.}


{I finally found a way to organize my kitchen cabinets to give our spices some more space. they used to be all shoved into a teeny tiny space & it was no bueno. now we have little shelf risers & everything. it is lovely!}


{eloise playing this morning before breakfast. yep, she’s still wearing her christmas jammies. but as you can see by her entire leg hanging out, they are on their last leg (har har, pun intended!). maybe I can catch a hanna andersson sale? those jammies are the best!}

we had a pretty low-key weekend since eloise & I both came down with some kind of cold. not horrid, but lots of nasal congestion (eloise worse than me I think). the sun was out a bit more than expected so we tried to get out into the yard since it has been seriously neglected for close to a year (with the house remodel & living in redmond last spring & summer). now we just need to find some more time to get the work we want done! how was your weekend?


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