my weekend in pictures.


{eloise & I met the sadliers at the zoo on friday morning. just as we were leaving, the littlest ones fell asleep!)


{took some time in the sun while eloise napped.}


{eloise tried roasted red pepper strips on friday evening & enjoyed them!}


{aaron brought home cupcakes from work. my throat hurt, so we blended them into milkshakes. delicious!}


{we went to a crazy appliance sale on saturday afternoon. we were mostly there to price out new future kitchen appliances. saving our pennies!}


{eloise & aaron after lunch on saturday, I love these two!}


{we ended up with a new microwave which is beyond exciting. (you know you are a grown-up when this makes you excited, right?) if you ever had to use our old microwave you will know how exciting this actually is!}


{the absolutely beautiful weather got us out of the house this afternoon for some sun & fresh air. we ventured over to one of the near-by playgrounds & eloise had her maiden voyage in a swing. she loved it!}


{a friend from law school & I always joked that if you had a chest freezer you had made it in life. well, we got a chest freezer & we are so excited. not just because we’ve made it in life, but because we desperately need the extra freezer space!}

eloise & I both caught a cold, so we spent a lot of the weekend trying to feel better (& there wasn’t a lot to take pictures of…). actually, eloise didn’t act like she felt bad at all, but does have a cough & drippy nose. we tried to lay low but also enjoy the most beautiful weekend – sunny & 60s! the transition for daylight saving time was a little brutal since eloise decided to spring forward not one but two hours! hoping to get a bit more sleep this week. how was your weekend?


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