eloise {month seven}


{lion: jellycat via nordstrom // dress: Tea Collection via nordstrom // moccasins: Freshly Picked}


{I also wanted to share to share this outtake – haha! this kid loves her feet, especially when she is wearing moccasins. these photoshoots have become much more entertaining as eloise is more mobile.}

{month seven} this month has been such a fun month! eloise is at a fun age where she is super interactive, but not too mobile to be stressful. she loves to laugh & talk & basically have a good time all day. it is pretty delightful to be her mama.

eloise is learning to wave these days. we often wave to her by moving our entire arm back & forth & saying “hello eloise!” (which she loves). she is doing the entire arm wave, mostly practicing while nursing. & she is also learning to wave with just her hand & I often see her starting at her own hand & moving her wrist around. apparently it is very entertaining. we are very much looking forward to eloise waving to say hello  & good-bye!

it really isn’t a surprise given her parents that eloise is a chatty little one. she is constantly babbling & talking & singing, whether someone is with her or not. she is starting to make pretty distinctive sounds – vowels mostly but some consonants. just this afternoon when we were reading Moo, Baa, La La La before naptime (it’s one of our favorites!) I got to the very end of the book & the last line is “It’s quiet now what do you say?” & eloise squealed. it was so perfect!

eloise has always been a good eater & has continued that trend as we have introduced more & more solid food. we are still doing a mix of purees (from this amazing site!) & baby-led weaning. with the purees, I am taking the opportunity to introduce & mix different fruits & veggies along with different spices. with the hand-held solids, I am either steaming & drizzling with olive oil or roasting with olive oil or coconut oil. we are still just doing solids in the evenings for dinner, but this week I hope to start with solids at lunch as well. the past few days eloise has been interested in what I have been eating for lunch & since I put her in her highchair so she can join me at the table for lunch, I have been offering sliced apples to her. apples are great for her to chew on, though not much actually gets chewed & swallowed. plus sadie isn’t a fan of apples so she isn’t very helpful in cleaning up what eloise throws on the floor…

just in the past week eloise has become such a good sitter. she is much more stable & doesn’t need much spotting at all anymore. I still do worry since she doesn’t know how to get out of sitting & onto her back or tummy yet & we have hardwood floors. eloise is also rolling, rolling all the time – on her playmat, in her crib, everywhere! it seems like she is more motivated to move around now that she knows she can get what she wants more easily. we haven’t started with any crawling-type motions, but since eloise can spin on her tummy around & around, I am sure army crawling is just around the corner.

sleeping is going well & I don’t want to jinx it other than to say we are still very much on a three nap schedule during the day & I don’t see that changing any time soon!

this past month brought eloise’s first diaper rash & first cold, neither of which hindered her joyful spirit. even through the coughing & stuffy nose this little one has been her same happy self, giggling & smiling all day long. she definitely has her moments of melt-down & fussiness, but so far it is few & far between. nearly everyone comments on how happy eloise is – strangers & friends alike – & it really is true!

{weight} I would say 18ish lbs.

{hair} dark reddish brown.

{teeth} bottom left tooth is in & bottom right tooth is on its way.

{eyes} dark brown/grey.

{clothes} a few 3 to 6 months (onesies). 6 to 9 (or 6 to 12) month.

{diapers} full-time cloth* {bum genius freetime, pocket, & elemental} & honest company size 3 diapers at night with a bum genius diaper cover.

{feeding} during the day, 3 hour cycles. when e gets a bottle, she will take 4 oz. at bedtime when she takes a full 6 oz bottle of pumped milk.

{likes} books, staring at the books on her bookshelves, singing & being sung to, standing (with help), bathtime, licking everything, stripes & polka dots, Sadie, tags, eating, drinking water out of a cup, rolling.

{dislikes} being hungry, teething, getting her face wet, the Nose Frida, having her face wiped off (you have to make funny sounds when you do it).

{nicknames} Bug{s}, Love Bug, E, Wheezy, Kiddo, Little Love, Bugaboo.

happy SEVEN months eloise!


*a lot of people are surprised when I tell them that we cloth diaper & are skeptical that we will continue (I get a lot of “oh, but disposables are so convenient! you’ll switch soon.” seriously.) but 7 months in, we are still sold! I have been using a lot more disposables lately to help with eloise’s bout of diaper rash since the diaper cream that I like isn’t compatible with cloth, & I am now even more sure that I love cloth! it really isn’t that much work, even using cloth wipes too, & feels so much less wasteful! I realize that there is a water usage issue (vs. solid waste in a landfill) but I feel like our impact on the earth is way less with cloth. I know it isn’t the decision that every parent will make & isn’t the best choice for everyone, but we are really happy with it. {off my soapbox}

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