eloise {week 28}


{sweater: babyGap // leggings: babyGap}

{week 28} busy, busy is how I would describe this week! eloise is constantly in motion & always wanting to go, go, go! rolling, sitting, & standing with support – where did my teeny, tiny baby go?

even though I have claimed eloise has been “teething” since the new year, I am only now sure that she is getting teeth. it is tricky to see since she sticks out her tongue every time you pull down her bottom lip (it’s cute, really!), but there are in fact two little teeth trying to make an appearance. I have been able to get eloise to open wide by opening my own mouth & she mimics me – also so cute!

another thing this week has brought is eloise’s first diaper rash. maybe it’s the teeth or solids? not sure. it isn’t too bad & doesn’t seem to bother her too much, so that’s good. I have had her in disposables only so I can lather on diaper cream {I have been using this one from the Honest Company & really like it so far!} but am super open to suggestions!

eating is going really well still & we have introduced a few new foods: avocado & prunes. broccoli is also on the menu for this week – whole, not pureed – just as an introduction. eloise will feed herself purees with a spoon (we load the puree on first) & is really loving BLW solids (so far just apple slices & banana segments).

eloise’s dexterity & coordination continues to amaze us as we watch her develop at lightning speed! she can transfer things from one hand to the other, & rakes her fingers over different fabrics & objects. she also does this insanely cute thing where she will look at something & study it in her hands, & then raise her eyebrows – it’s adorable & I wish I could get it on video!

crawling doesn’t seem imminent based on eloise’s lack of knee use while on her tummy (watch me eat my words!) but she is a roly-poly little bug. if she is down on her playmat or a blanket, or in her crib, she is all over the place! she sometimes still gets stuck on her tummy at night & fusses, but will go right back to sleep once she is rolled (or more recently she will just sleep on her tummy too). we definitely need to baby-proof at least our living room since eloise is definitely mobile!

eloise is also still such a chatty little one! she is most vocal in the evening times (when papa gets home!) & during diaper changes. she often talks to herself while playing with toys & it is endlessly cute! there aren’t any definite consonants, but so many types of sounds. aaron & i do both think she says “yeah” though.

happy 28 weeks eloise!


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