my weekend in pictures.


{eloise is always so excited to see her papa when he gets home from work. fridays are fun because then we get to see him for the entire weekend!}


{eloise tried gnawing on apple slice & loved it! we love that it looks like she is wearing suspenders when she is in her highchair – makes me want to find her a pair!}


{ahh! SO excited about how this project is coming along. I cannot wait to share once it’s done!}


{eloise has been fussy about an hour into her afternoon naps. guess who is right at her door?}


{making funny faces with papa while waiting for some grub.}


{eloise also tried banana. did you know bananas segment into three pieces? perfect for little hands!}


{no matter how many beds or crates we have, sadie ends up on the couch at night. sunday morning I woke up to find her like this. I think she was enjoying herself!}


{since starting solids, eloise seems to have a little constipation. we are attempting to remedy with some pear & prune puree!}


{feedings are getting a little less messy. while a sponge bath is still required after eating, I am hopeful we will someday soon get to the point where eloise can eat in more than just a bib & diaper.}


{eloise is more & more interested in sadie these days, & loved the chance to have some cuddles.}


{despite looking really nervous in this picture, eloise had a great time at dinner on sunday evening. we were out celebrating a friend’s birthday & there were lots of friends to catch up with, including her BFF Lily who is just a month older!}

what a beautiful & sunny weekend we had here in the PNW! we have been so spoiled with teasers about what spring is going to be like that I am dreading when the grey & rain will return… we had a pretty low-key weekend just hanging out at home for the most part which is always pleasant & much-needed. how was your weekend?


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