my weekend in pictures.

20141205_214940530_iOS {got our christmas cards back from the printer & hoping to send them out soon!}

20141206_004453558_iOS {eloise in her christmas jammies & santa hat watching me decorate the tree.}

20141206_044509434_iOS {she looked so cute in that hat when we were on a target run, even though she should have been sleeping…}

20141206_205351579_iOS {princess leia!}

20141207_045540821_iOS {watched boise state win the conference game & get a bowl bid!}

20141207_184459194_iOS {quick post-barre selfie.}

20141207_214726508_iOS {aaron hung christmas lights on the house on sunday morning!}

20141207_232749961_iOS {sometimes e & i both dress in stripes.}

20141208_023213021_iOS {our season tickets to the paramount theater started this weekend with how the grinch stole christmas. it means we got a date night without the babe – thanks ben & sarah for watching eloise!}

holy cow that was a quick weekend! there were so many things to do & get done {which is true of all weekends during the holiday season, right?} & i feel like i am still scrambling to get everything done… oh well. i was able to get most of the christmas decorations up which makes me happy! how was your weekend?


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