a pinterest christmas: eloise’s first ornaments.


welcome to the second week of A Pinterest Christmas! see the first week’s post here & the other years’ crafts here.

in celebration of a baby’s first Christmas there are always lots of ornaments to choose from. aaron & i have our own bets on how many Eloise may get this year, but i thought i would also add to the mix by making two of my own. one is with her birth announcement & the other with her footprint.

keepsake ornament

{original Pinterest link – wedding invitation ornament}


  • clear plastic ornament (or you could use glass)
  • invitation or announcement
  • paper cutter or scissors
  • ruler
  • ribbon
  • charm
  • pencil

i made a version of this ornament for my first Pinterest Christmas project with our wedding invitation so i pretty much knew what i was doing.

_DSC5298 _DSC5299

first, i decided which parts of Eloise’s announcement i wanted to use – i focused on her stats. then i measured & marked a 1/4 inch section around each part i wanted to include in the paper strips. i used a paper cutter & scissors to make the paper strips & wrapped the strips around a pencil to curl. once i had all of the strips cut & curled, i took off the top of the ornament & placed them inside. then i cut a length of ribbon, strung on the Eiffel Tower charm, & tied it in a bow on the top of the ornament.

_DSC5300    _DSC5384

footprint ornament

DIY baby's first Christmas ornament

{original Pinterest link – handprint ornament}


  • clear plastic ornament (or you could use glass)
  • craft paint
  • ribbon
  • sponge paintbrush
  • ribbon – wired ribbon makes the best bows!

i modified this project in a few ways: i chose to do Eloise’s footprint instead of her hand (mostly because a footprint is so much easier!), & i used craft paint instead of embossing. the result wasn’t exactly what i was hoping since the footprints didn’t turn out that well. none-the-less, it is still a good representation of her feet on her first Christmas {which was the point, right?} & i have been doing ink prints of her footprints every month, so it isn’t like i won’t have her footprints in another form.

this was a really simple project. i sponged paint onto the bottoms of Eloise’s feet & then pressed them onto the plastic ornament. then i tied on a bow.



_DSC5389 _DSC5398


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