my weekend in pictures.


{my grandmother sends all of her sheets out to the cleaner. & they come back packaged in saran wrap. she is the only person on the planet that I know who does this.}


{marinating some salmon for dinner guests on saturday night.}


{sadie is so proper with her little paws crossed like that.}


{finally got some crafting done for a baby shower gift.}


{caramelizing the squash & grating the cheese to make this pizza.}


{sadie doing yoga in the kitchen this evening. #downwarddog}


{this is sadie’s “please mom will you feed me dinner now?” look. it melts my heart.}


{after seeing the broncos win, our nerves were up for the seahawks game. we are ecstatic that the hawks were victorious. superbowl here we come!}

what a great weekend catching up with family & friends! on friday we saw the secret life of walter mitty which we both really enjoyed, on saturday we had friends over for dinner & a much-needed catch up, & this morning sadie & I strolled around greenlake with a friend. despite the weekend being at its end {& me being so bummed that we don’t get tomorrow off!} it was a bit of a change that this weekend felt slow. at least to me. it was nice to feel like life slowed down for the past two days. definitely a contrast to the way the work weeks have been feeling recently. how was your weekend? M

p.s. you may notice some changes to the blog. I have been wanting to make some changes to the blog design for a while & finally found some time to start. I hope to have all of the changes finished soon!

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