my weekend in pictures.


{sadie was making friends at anthro on friday night. sometimes we have to be careful that she doesn’t fall in love with another person & follow them home!}


{we had a yummy veggie lunch on saturday at chaco canyon.}


{rain, rain go away. we had lightning & thunder that shook the house in the late afternoon on saturday.}


{we hosted some friends for dinner on saturday night & aaron made homemade gnocchi – yum-o!}


{sadie was hunting squirrels, & aaron & i enjoyed all of the spring tulips on our family outing sunday morning.}


{the sun was out – after days of rain this week – so we celebrated with a bit of open sunroof.}


{we had sunday night dinner with my grandmother & saw 42. it was awesome. go see it, stat!}

we had a fun weekend mixed with a few small house projects & some good quality time together – like a dinner date on friday {fancy!}. it is hard to complain about wanting spring to come faster after a sunny day like today, but we have had so much rain the last week that we are ready for a change {though the wet conditions have made growing grass seed much easier}. per usual, the weekend has come & gone so quickly leaving us wishing it was just one more day. oh well, back to the grind. how was your weekend?


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