my weekend in pictures.


{loving my new weekend planner from the new kate spade saturday line via fab.}


{friday afternoon i got a much-needed manicure. it was lovely!}


{friday night dinner date at rain city burgers followed by a movie at home. perfect night.}


{saturday morning family walk in the sunshine! we also rescued some amazing vintage glass door knobs from a remodel down the street – very exciting!}


{nothing beats chinese takeout!}


{there was some ceiling patching being done this weekend. pretty soon you will never know there were three dining room pendants.}


{i attended a bridesmaids’ afternoon tea at the queen mary tea room in honor of the bride-to-be mary alice.}


{fish tacos at the matador with my grandmother.}


{we switched up the usual movie after sunday night dinner to go to target. it was my grandmother’s first trip. ever. she kept saying “they sell everything here!” it was awesome.}

we had a fun weekend & had some good down time as well as being able to catch up with some old friends. though we are still missing the lost hour from springing forward, we are definitely looking forward to the spring! how was your weekend?


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