my weekend in pictures.


{apparently malia obama & i have the same stylist: see here. even though this anthro coat was a steal i found last year, i still adore this coat!}


{aaron ice etching at his company holiday party.}


{a & m forever!}


{i think i found a chandelier for our bedroom! just kidding, this guy was about 15 feet tall.}


{we played some craps. & by played i mean watched for an hour & still have no idea how to play craps.}


{o’ christmas tree! he needs a few more lights, but we have a picture perfect christmas tree window!}


{we lunched at elemental wood fired pizza with my mom who was in town this weekend.}


{sadie snuggling in her sweater while i worked on christmas cards.}


{these are the newest additions to our christmas tree – an adorable whale & pig from crate & barrel. thanks mom!}


{when sadie gives you this face it is really hard to get anything done!}


{we wore the mustaches i won at a white elephant gift exchange to my company holiday party. #imustacheyouaquestion}


{i won rookie of the year at my company holiday party. that bottle of champagne was my trophy, apparently.}


{christmas cards done & done! #weknowthismanypeople?}


{only the best weekends end with a trip to target.}

the holiday season is definitely in full swing with no less than five holiday parties to attend this weekend! my mom was also in town which was a fun treat. we have been enjoying the holiday festivities, but are trying to balance that with a bit of rest & relaxation. how was your weekend?


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