my weekend in pictures.


{only great things come in packages from crate & barrel! we had rewards points & i couldn’t resist picking up another oxo container.}


{mailed our valentines!}


{mount rainer was out in all her glory this very sunny weekend!}


{picked up a little snack at uwajimaya: bubble tea & manapua – it was like i was back in hawaii!}


{sadie checking out all the yummy dog snacks.}


{i am loving the bvlgari & san pellegrino collaboration!}


{cocktails at big picture redmond – who wouldn’t love a bar & a movie theater!}


{sadie hated her cone this weekend. thankfully she hasn’t needed to wear it very much.}


{the sun makes walking so much better!}


{feeling the early birthday love!}


{lunch at whole foods – veggie quesadilla & dry vanilla bean soda. have you tried dry soda yet? i am so proud that it is a local seattle product. the vanilla bean & lavender are my favs!}


{pagliacci for dinner.}


{patiently waiting outside TJ’s for aaron while he shopped for super bowl snacks.}


{since when did jolly rancher have a pink lemonade flavor?}


{the only beer i drink!}


{by the time eli got awarded MVP, sadie was so done with the super bowl.}

seattle has been absolutely gorgeous the past few days with all of the sun, it’s hard to believe we are still in the beginning of february! i hope punxsutawney phil wasn’t right about six more weeks of winter, i don’t think i can stand anymore dreary weather.

how was your weekend?


3 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. I’m having a four day weekend so It’s been pretty great since I got to spend it with my fiance and fav aunt n uncle who were in town last weekend. Also found out about a new possible work opportunity so I am pretty excited about that! Were you supporting the Giants/Patriots, or were you like me, don’t care who won :p

    • i am jealous that you had a four day weekend! i didn’t really care who won the super bowl, but since my husband is a colts fan it felt right to root for eli & the giants. thanks for reading!

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