diy valentine’s day coffee sleeves.

since valentine’s day is my absolute favorite holiday (yes, above christmas, and yes, because it is also my birthday), i adore all things valentine’s. while i haven’t gotten into decorating for the holiday quite like i do with christmas, i do have some projects in mind to spruce up our townhouse a bit for this lovely holiday.

this is a super easy & quick project, so much so that it is hard for me to even consider it a diy!


{original pinterest link: diy je t’ aime coffee cup wrappers}


  • printed pdf of either or both templates from original blog post (above)
  • cardstock or thick paper (unless you print the template on cardstock)
  • glue stick &/or glue dots
  • scissors
  • disposable coffee cup

{first i printed the boy & girl templates}


{then i cut out each template}

photo 2

{i held up the template to the cup i had (a tall cup from starbucks) to see if it was large enough. it wasn’t, obviously.}

photo 3

{then i traced each template onto cardstock. i left a little room around each because i needed to add length to the ends.}

photo 4

{i cut out the cardstock, adding length to the ends but not to the width.}

photo 5

{i used a glue stick to attach the paper templates to the cardstock cut-outs. then i put three glue dots on the extra cardstock end that was running underneath the extra cardstock end hanging over – i think this will make sense if you are actually doing this!}

photo 6

{once the glue dots were firmly holding the sleeve together, i trimmed the excess cardstock along the edge & bottom of the sleeve.}

photo 7


thanks to amy over at eat drink chic blog for such an adorable template & idea! will you be rocking a je t’ aime-themed coffee sleeve to celebrate valentine’s day?


One thought on “diy valentine’s day coffee sleeves.

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