dog mail.

dear mom & dad,

i just wanted to let you know that yesterday was the WORST. DAY. EVER.

i didn’t get breakfast or a long morning walk. you took me to that crazy office place where i had to get onto the scale in front of all of those other dogs. i would have been embarrassed, but it turns out i lost a few of my holiday pounds! then you left me. you LEFT me at that office all day! i don’t remember most of my day, i just remember being so sleepy and in pain. and then you came and rescued me. finally!

when i got home, it was nice to receive some extra special attention. you even moved my bed into the kitchen so i could lay down with you when you were cooking dinner. well, not my dinner, i still get that kibble stuff. we should talk about that.


any-hoo. all i know is that i have a cut in my belly that i am not supposed to lick, or else you say NO! and also that my teeth are different. they are so clean, what happened?

photo 2

after dinner was my favorite part of the day. i got to sleep on the couch with you. yep, you heard me. SLEEP. ON. THE. COUCH. i never have been able to do that before. heaven!

photo 3photo 4

i really thought things were looking up after the couch thing, that you had really come to your senses. but then this happened.

photo 5

there are no words. only that there is no way that dog on the tag is that happy. they don’t call it a cone of shame for nothin’.

love & kisses,


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